• Teeth with debris, calculus and stains need immediate care.
        • Debris can be cleaned by proper brushing technique.
        • We with utmost care remove the stain and calculus of your teeth and polish your teeth to make it smooth and easy to maintain.
        • Enamel is not affected as scaling and polishing is the basic of dentistry.
        • When the pulp of the tooth get infected patient may experience pain.
        • When the pulp is cleaned and filled, the infection subsides and the tooth is saved from removing.
        • When a tooth get decay it can be filled
        • Crown (Cap) can be placed
        • Bridge can be placed when tooth or teeth are missing with the help of other teeth
        • Implant is the best option as the nearby teeth is not disturbed. Implants can be maintained life time when proper 6 months or every year checkup is done.
        • Wisdom tooth comes out in the mouth at the age of 17 to 21 years.
        • It’s the 3rd molar tooth (BACK TOOTH)
        • When it’s not creating any problem it’s better not to disturb but when it’s an issue its better to remove it to avoid future problem.
        • When the bite get affected the person may experience lot of discomfort in general health which includes head ache, jaw pain, general weakness and systemic problems as the food is not properly chewed.
        • Always it’s better to check your bite to avoid unwanted problem.
        • When all the teeth are missing we can even provide with fixed teeth with life time guarantee.
        • Teeth correction can increase the face value.
        • Proper smile designing planning digitally can avoid patients with lot of discomforts.
        • We can provide a best smile which you deserve.
        When there is bone loss it can be corrected by placing the bio acceptable bone or from patient own bone.Not all the biomaterials are same. Please check for the bone graft used.
        It’s the general term used in dentistry where the treatment improves the teeth, gums and face quality.
        When bleeding gums present it needs urgent treatment which starts with scaling and polishing, root planning and antibiotic coverage.
        • We love to educate kids about the importance of teeth.
        • They experience a memorable consultation and care as they follow the dental care protocols.
        • Parent’s role is important in kid’s healthy teeth.
        • When one or more teeth is missing then it’s going to affect the chewing effect and it can leads to health problems.
        • It can be solved by replacing the teeth with tooth supported or implant supported.
        • We advice implant support as the best option.
    • Orthodontics
      • Smile designing
      • Intra Oral Scanning
      • CBCT
      • Photographs
      • Smile analysis
      • Bite analysis
      • Face proportions
      • Habits breaking
      • About Dental Implant
      • Why Dental Implant
      • Teeth in a day
      • All on 4 Technique
      • All on 6 Technique
      • Pterygoid Implant
      • Zygoma Implant
      • Sinus Lift
      • Bone Graft
      • Cone Beam CT Scan
      • Intra Oral Scanning
          • Multi unit, with operator & assistant element.
          • Modern specialty clinic with modern design and high quality materials.
          • Ergonomic design that ensures optimal working position, patient comfort and workflow.
          • Assistant element & water unit designs make infection prevention procedures easier & perfect and less time consuming.
          • Fiber optic hand piece.
          ORTHOPANTOMOGRAM (OPG)We recommend a patient to have an orthopantomogram (OPG)to know the patients oral status.It is patient’s right to know why he or she need a OPG.What is an orthopantomogram?An orthopantomogram is an X-ray image of whole mouth, including upper and lower jaw and teeth. It gives a complete of mouth and teeth.IT’S A TWO DIMENSIONAL XRAYIndications:

          • Wisdom tooth position, it’s relation with the nerve
          • Jaw bone
          • Teeth
          • Nerve
          • Sinus
          • To check for any impacted tooth
          • Always better to have a OPG before teeth alignment
          • A useful tool to check the overall health of the mouth

          CEPHALOGRAM ( CEPH )

          Cephalometric analysis is done to evaluate dental and skeletal relationship.

          It helps in planning for the alignment of the teeth

          It helps to find out the skeletal and dental abnormality.

          CBCT- One scan all detail

          • Our clinic is facilitated, with High End full face CBCT Unit with HD mode.
          • One of the lowest diagnostic dose per volume size
          • Duration: 14 seconds – Integrated implantology for orthodontic treatment.
          • User, 3D core Beam scans that records actual jaw motion.
          • Depending on preferences, recorded tracks of movement can be visualized at any point of mandible.
          • Implant software associated with CBCT makes planning very easy end ensures highly accurate and predictable results.
          • Planning is processed within minutes.
          • Color visualization of nerve & canal
          • Bone depiction in dimension that fit patient’s anatomy ensures safety & longevity
          • Safer implementation.
          • Highly accurate guidelines.
          • Helpful diagnostic tool in maxillofacial & ENT, and all dental pathologies.
          • Provide larger view of pertinent hard & soft tissue.

          Cone Beam Computed Tomography

          To overcome some of the disadvantages of conventional medical CT scanners, a new type of CT specific for dental applications has recently been developed. This type of advanced tomography (CBCT). Because conventional CT is associated with such a high dose of radiation, this imaging medical technique has always been under significant criticism when used for implant treatment planning. However, with the advent of cone beam technology, the limitations of medical computerized tomography has been overcome. Recently, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of cone beam technology, there are choices to provide more accurate diagnostic images along with the fraction of radiation exposure, and adherence to the ALARA principle has been accomplished. Scanner are made for “in-office” installation and use, which allows a doctor and patient the convenience of onsite scanning capabilities.

          Medical versus cone beam technology Radiation Dosages.

          The average absorbed radiation dose from a CBCT scanner (NewTom 3G) is approximately 12.0mSv (micro sieverts). This dose is equivalent to five D-speed dental x-rays or 25% of the radiation from a typical panoramic radiograph. Additionally, medical scanners acquire images that use radiation doses of 40 to 60 times that of CBCT doses.

          Image acquisition of medical versus Cone Beam Scanners.

          Medical CT scans produce images of transaxial planes by use of solid-state detectors and an x-ray source that rotates around the patient. When compared with the conventional dental x-ray that is a two-dimensional images of many planes superimposed on each other, the CT image has greater contrast with a reduction in spatial resolution. These CT images are reconstructed mathematically, from these incremental images that produce average reconstructed images. However, between each parallel slice exists a small “gap” that contributes to a build-in error within medical scanners. These gaps are adjusted within the software’s algorithms that can result in errors of 1.0 to 1.5 mm.

          Using CBCT avoids the errors in medical scanners by accumulating data from one 360-degree rotation around the patient’s head. The algorithms on CBCT scanners very predictable because they are void of any “gaps”, thus eliminating distortion and magnification. Margins of error for CBCT are less than 0.1 mm. Numerous studies have shown cone beam technology to be more accurate than conventional medical CT.

          The advantages of CT images are numerous, with the magnification being almost 0% with no superimposition or overlapping of images and minimal distortion. The density of bone may also be assessed with all images being displayed as Hounsfield units. When comparing CT with other types of radiographic modalities, CT has been shown to be superior in identification of vital structures and calculation of distance measurements.

          Comparison of medical CT Scanner and Cone Beam

          Cone Beam
          Scanning Time Approximately 10 min Approximately 30 sec.
          Radiation Exposure More Less
          Scan Multiple slices One rotation
          Exposed field One arch at a time Both arches simultaneously
          Scatter More Less
          Positioning Very technique sensitive Not as critical

          PMC dental is very clear about the comfort of the patient.The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner is WORLD LEADER in intra oral 3D scanning tool for the teeth that is redefining the fundamentals of digital impression techniques in the dental industry. Patient feels comfortable when compare with the regular impression technique.Technology speaks…PMC is a proud digital dental clinic in Nagercoil and in whole Kanyakumari District.EASY for the patient and the dentist.It take less than a minute to record the details of the oral cavity with shade and shape3 shape trios is a state of art equipment which adds value to PMC dental

          • Comfort and care
          • Better communication with the patient
          • Helps the dentist to treat well
          • A valuable tool for the dental technician
          • Quality of the crown improves
          • Fast delivery of the crowns
          • Better patient education
          • Better shade selection
          • Smile designing
          • User friendly so we can provide you better care and service.

          For more details contact us

          • Our team offers best way of pain free dental procedures with LASER (diode soft tissue)
          • Eliminates the need of anesthesia and sutures, leaves healthy gum tissue & tooth structure.
          • Lesser bleeding and Postoperative swelling
          • Accurate & Precise
          • No heat /vibration/pressure.
          • Faster Healing

          Rotary Root Canal Treatment

          • Endodontic therapy or root canal therapy, is a sequence of treatment for the infected pulp.
          • Preoperative x ray to confirm the diagnosis and plan.
          • Maillefer/Protaper: Single file to shape root canal completely from start to finish, that works in similar but reverse balanced forces.

          X-Smart IQ

          • IQ application provides images to better explain treatment to patients.
          • Tools to capture & transfer patient treatment notes.
          • Real time torque monitoring to visualize torque applied to each file over time.
          • Infection controllable, large clear and better ergonomics, easy to clean, disinfect & store.


          • Debridment & disruption of smearlayer.
          • Removal of residual obturation materials during retreatment.


          • Dual 3D obturation convenient obturation system.
          • Calamus, provides a heat source with selected (EHP) is utilized & condense GP
          • Simple to clean & Maintain.
          • Digitalized tooth shade determination
          • Speed, reliable and objective.
          • Precise that offers, twice as effective as that of human eye.


          • B type autoclave
          • Robust, compact & reliable
          • Documentation with printer/ CF card ( Printer records date, time, batch number vaccum, pressure & temperature)
          • Sterlization (quick programs) possible in just 15 minutes (without drying)
          • DAC professional not only gives perfectly prepared instruments gives, legal certainity.


          • Advanced cleaning technologies, that adapt to even most complex instruments.
          • Uses ultrasonic energy to optimize effectiveness.
          • Ultrasonic cleaners, removes micro organisms & other debris from less accessible surfaces.
          • Timer & Temperature control adjust the cleaning time.

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